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Mini 8" (20cm) Wide Curved Plant Supports. Ready to rust style

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Curved Plant Supports are individually hand crafted in our own workshop in South Lincolnshire. They are dispatched in a ready to rust condition and will start to turn to the popular rusted style finish in a short time, when exposed to the elements.

Our standard 6mm range is ideal for most garden uses. Especially for holding back plants which naturally bush outwards. Holds shrubs and plants back from pathways and growing over lawns.

Your prized blooms could be damaged by effects of bad weather or careless stepping by humans, leading to great disappointment. You can avoid this form of damage by simply adding a good plant support that is reasonably priced. A commendable type should offer the exact kind of help which a plant requires in order to grow without interruptions. This affords them the safety and support they need, especially for their delicate nature.

All our supports on offer today have been constructed using raw materials of high quality. These are designed to withstand varied patterns of weather, which enables them to last for consecutive seasons.

These 8" (20cm) wide plant supports are 8" (20cm) tall. Available in pack sizes of 3, 5, 10 and 25s.

Homestead and Garden currently offer a range of  different styles of curved plant supports including:

Other sizes may be available on request. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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As a family business, Homestead and Garden try and go the extra mile for our customers and can offer bespoke sizes on a number of our products. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and our friendly staff will try their best to meet your requests where possible. All products are individually handmade in our own workshop and we do not sell any imported finished items.

Please support British manufacturing. Thank you.