About Us

Our Story

The Red Last has been our home since 2000 and I started Homestead and Garden as a hobby in 2011.  In January 2014 we turned the business full time and it has been growing ever since.

We currently supply customers all around Europe and will happily send products worldwide subject to any carriage restrictions. As we individually hand make all our products, it allows for both bespoke sizes and quantities to be produced based on customer needs. We also find this to be helpful to trade outlets as they do not have to commit to large orders and allows product sales testing. Something we are looking forward to in the coming years is building contacts with local businesses.

When my wife and I purchased the property we were presented with all the deeds dating back to 1785 which has proved interesting reading.

The original property which stood on the site was believed to have been demolished around 1869 and the current cottage was then rebuilt in 1870.

The property after this time was both a village pub and shop. We believe that the pub was closed somewhere around the early to mid-1970s.

Records also show that The Red Last was used as a court for the travelling Judges. A Coroners hearing was held on a Monday evening in July 1894 after an accident in a hay field killed a 17 year old lad. A verdict of accidental death was recorded.

Around 1930 a large 2 storey brick building was attached to the cottage. The top floor was used as a dance hall for people of the surrounding area. I have been lucky to meet a few people who met partners at the Saturday Shepeau Stow dance nights.

The ground floor was used as a farriers & blacksmiths workshop. The original rings where the horses were tethered ready for shoeing are still in place.

Although the forge had sadly gone when we moved in, we have now put in place a small one for our use. Workshop equipment has been added as we have developed our products.

Today we try and offer our customers a service which is both friendly and personal.

Using our growing range of products, Homestead and Garden now offer, where possible, bespoke sizes to meet customer requirements.

During 2021 we intend to have furniture in our garden for customers to see. Customers are welcome to make an appointment to visit us.