Plant Support Starter pack-Ready to Rust Style

Plant Support Starter pack-Ready to Rust Style

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We are offering our customers a great value 18" (45cm) plant support starter pack.

To get your garden flowers, shrubs and plants well supported during the spring and summer.

Homestead and Garden are giving you the opportunity to purchase 3 different styles of support in the same pack.

Simple finish which will oxidise in time to give natural look.

The pack contains:

3 Rectangle Supports â 20"(51cm) â width 7"(18cm) depth

3 Curved Supports â 18"(45cm) across front of hoop

3 Large Spiral Supports 9"(22.86cm) diameter

All 18" (45cm) Tall

All Made from 6mm mild steel in our Lincolnshire workshop.

9 supports in each pack.

Price per 9 supports.

For further information or to order offline:

Call 01406 331075