Wheelbarrow Tools Holder
Wheelbarrow Tools Holder

Wheelbarrow Tools Holder

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The Wheelbarrow Tools Holder. Fed up dropping your garden tools when wheeling
your barrow around the garden or allotment. I certainly was. Every time you went over a bump the rake or spade bounces and falls off your wheelbarrow.

Homestead and Garden has now come up with a very simple and quick fit gadget to stop this happening:

The Wheelbarrow Tool Holder or Caddy.

Simply fit the bracket over the edge of your barrow and

hey presto!!

Two different widths.

One is for smaller diameter poles such as rakes,hoes and brooms etc. (Narrow)The second is designed for bigger width handles
like forks and spades. (Wide)

Comprising an 8" (20cm) deep bracket which angles slightly to stop your tools bouncing out.

Made from 3mm mild steel in our own workshop.

Choose from Unpainted, Black or British Racing Green painted finish.

Price is for 2 brackets

Please allow 3 days for manufacture before posting.

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